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Southampton Teak Medium

The exciting Anywhere Fireplace Southampton series GEL FUEL fireplaces combines the popular and appealing teak wood with premium polished stainless steel. The striking design of these fireplaces will make a dramatic statement whether you choose to place them indoors, but especially outdoors. Just imagine them on your patio, by a pool, in your yard, on dock, deck or at your beach house.

They are made of reclaimed quality teak and 304 grade polished stainless steel accents for a dramatic yet warm look. These fireplaces are clean burning, so you may use them indoors or out, move it from your house to your outdoor oasis.

This Fireplace Only uses 13Oz Gel Fuel Cans made specifically for ventless fireplaces. (Sold Separately) Note, there are Gel Fuel cans on the market that have citronella oil in them. If using the Gel Can with Citronella Oil, it can only be used outdoors. A Gel Can will burn approx 2.5 hours.

Size 34″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″

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Creating That Holiday Ambiance For Your Home

Create that wonderful celebratory, memorable, warm holiday atmosphere in your home this holiday season.

Front Door: Hang a wreath or garland on your front door.  Let’s everyone know you are in the holiday spirit. They are available at local nurseries or supermarkets.

Windows: Put a nice candle on the window ledge and light it to create drama and let everyone know, inside and out that you are celebrating. Varieties of electric candles are available. If using real candles just make sure you keep it away from curtains or the reach of small children and pets. Visit your local hardware or craft store or a mass merchandiser for a variety of alternatives.

Fireplace: Light a fire in your fireplace. There is nothing like dancing flames to create cozy warm ambiance. You don’t have a fireplace and too late to construct one? No problem. The sleek contemporary Anywhere Fireplaces™ are the modern answer to the fire. Can be hung on a wall or placed on your floor and they create beautiful real flames . Needs on installation, chimney or flue and burns clean, green bio-ethanol fuel.  You can order  one at or

Hall: Fill a bowl or basket with pinecones and greenery. Stream garlands with some ribbons or bows around a mirror or stairs in the hallway. Your local nursery or craft store will have many options

Living Room: Throw a nice blanket over the arm of the sofa. Place a poinsettia on the coffee table. Place a nice fragrant oil  in a bowl or ponderosa pinecones in a basket to give you that holiday scent throughout the room. has boxes of ponderosa pinecones.

Anywhere Fireplace™: The Modern Answer To Fireplaces

The Anywhere Fireplace™ is sleek and contemporary in design. It is ventless, no chimney, gas, or electrical connection needed; and it is an eco-friendly fireplace that burns liquid bio-ethanol fireplace fuel.

Your dream of having the ambiance of a fireplace in your room or outdoors space can now be a reality with the Anywhere Fireplace™. These high-style, contemporary fireplaces come in several models:

The Chelsea and SoHo wall mount fireplace models have a modern stainless steel design and can easily be hung on virtually any wall. All mounting parts are included.

The elegant Tribeca is a floor stand model with a stainless steel face and black coated metal stand that makes a statement, adds architectural interest and creates a dynamic focal point in room.

The clean contemporary design of the glass and black metal indoor/outdoor Gramercy model can be place on the floor or a table. It can be easily moved from one space to another.

All of the Anywhere Fireplaces™ are ventless, requiring no chimney, no electric or gas connection and construction. The Anywhere Fireplace™ is ideal for any house, condo, apartment, terrace, deck, office, or restaurant – where ever you want to create ambiance of dancing flames. All you apartment dwellers, who only dreamed of fireplaces, can now have one in any room.

The Anywhere Fireplaces™ is sure to match most any décor and adds a rich, warm glow anywhere you put it- your bedroom, living room, den, dining room, deck… They only look rich and expensive. The reasonable price of the Anywhere Fireplace™ puts them in anyone’s reach. Their unique, impressive design will add sophistication and atmosphere to any room. They also make a terrific heart-warming gift.

The Anywhere Fireplaces™ burns liquid bio-ethanol fuel which is a renewable resource that is smokeless, odorless, and leaves no soot or ash. This fuel is non-toxic, non-polluting, has no messy clean up, and is virtually maintenance free. It will burn up to 5 hours and creates a beautiful orange glow. The price of the liquid bio-ethanol fuel is comparable to pretreated firelogs and the wood logs you purchase in your supermarket. We also offer a promotion code to obtain a discount on the fuel.

Anywhere Fireplace™ is the modern answer to fireplaces.

It offers sophisticated, contemporary style fireplaces that are ventless, high quality, eco-friendly, at a price within reach of everyone.

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